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 Fencing Pick Up Lines

Best  Fencing Pick Up Lines

Don't worry about a thing, I brought a protective rubber tip.
I prefer the French style, but I hear Italian is fun too.
Are you into whips, or just good old fashioned thrusting?
Can I be your bp later?
Can I help hook you up?
Can I lubricate your point tonight?
Did I just hear you say "Strip"?
Wanna pull my body wire tonight?
Will you parry me?
You look edgy, perhaps you should lower your guard a little.
Hey baby, wanna see my bayonet?
Hey Baby, what's your weapon?
How 'bout you and I get together and see if we can discover a new secret thrust?
How "bout" a date?
How would you like to go corps a corps?
If fencers still wore hearts on their uniforms you'd see how you've touched mine. 
Wanna find out why my friends call me the Scoring Apparatus?
Let me buy you a Lexan mask so I can gaze into your eyes all day.
Oh please? I don't get much action below the belt!
Say prise de fer again, French is such a sensual language!
That's the nicest touche I've seen all season!