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Wrestling Pick Up Lines

Best Wrestling Pick Up Lines

Our love might be more interesting than any wrestling match or mixed martial arts battle.
Let me love you like the way I want to fight all the vicious monsters and the mischief deeds.
I am John Cena and you might never see me falling in love with you for the rest of our lives.
Are you the Ultimate Warrior? Because you have been running through my mind all days.
Are you the Undertaker's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania? Because I'm about to conquer you.
Baby, you make me wanna go from part-time to full-time. (The Rock)
Falling in love with you is like joining the wrestling match and never finding out if I won it.
I should remember that my fight of the century is just defending myself from confessing to you.
You must know that I will do anything for you and I will fight the things that go on your way.
Call me Bray Wyatt because I'm going to kidnap you.
Call me CM Punk and I'll show you my Anaconda Vise.
Call me cm punk because at the end of the night I'm going make you scream BEST IN THE WORLD!
Call me Jake The Snake cause I'm gonna put Damian on your face.
I am willing to join any wrestling match with my heart and become honest with my feelings.
I want to be remembered as the single soul who started the fight for the beautiful girl like you.
I want to attend this wrestling match, so I can get some moves to protect your gorgeous smile.
Your smile is so goddamn precious and so innocent that I am willing to protect it at all costs.
Damn girl, you've got an ass like Abdullah, mind if if fork it?
Damn, I'd love to do a figure four leglock on your face!
Do you smell what The Rock is cooking? (The Rock)
Do you wanna go over me tonight?
Every girl dreams of marrying a wrestler.
This is the wrestling meet where we can fight for our love and win each other as our trophies.
Just remember that I will never forget the way that I want to fight our love with all my might.
We should dance together through the night without resisting any of our wishes and dreams.
I'd like to put my hand over your chest and in a loud clear voice moan
I'll let you Unleash the Animal...
I'm all about justice, but tonight, I wanna make it about just us
If I do a crucifix armbar on you, will you get on your knees for me?
If I put you in a sleeper hold will you drool all over my body?
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