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Yoga Pick Up Lines

Best Yoga Pick Up Lines 

You've got great posture. I'd love to see you flow sometime. 
Is it hot in this Bikram studio, or is it just you? 
There's nothing humble about my warrior. 
You say you have a lot of yoga poses, well, girl, I can take you on any pose you want.
You must be a teacher of pranayama because my breath is being taken away when I saw you.
Are you trying out that Ananda Balasana or are you just jumping with joy as you see me?
Are you doing Ananda Balasana, or are you just happy to see me, baby?
Can I Get in your yoga pants sometime?
Can you feel that universal energy flowing from me to you?
Hey girl, wanna take yoga classes together with me, I bet I can make you stretch real hard.
Go ahead and do your practice, I will full wheel with you every second, don’t mind it.
Every single muscle in that body of yours is truly spectacular to see.
I hope you're into yoga, cause you're gonna get a good stretch tonight! 
Wow, you're flexible... I'd love to see what you can do outside of class! 
I'd let you Chataranga over me any day! 
I find my core stength in you.
I hope your into yoga, because your going to get a good stretch tonight.
I love it when you wear your yoga pants all day.
I love your energy.
The way you are doing yoga right now, I bet you are really flexible in bed, let me see that.
I have tons of poses we can try and I promise you’d be sweaty in each one of them.
You are going to get some good stretching tonight so be ready to tackle that.
Do you like yoga? If you do, then Yoganna LOVE me! 
My Cobra pose isn't the only thing that's rising upward. 
I meditate about you. Will you do the same too?
I wanna be your yoga pants.
I want to see you do yoga. Can I watch you?
I want to stretch with you.
I would hug you after a Bikram Yoga class
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